welp, more of the same

it's been snowing and snowing and snowing and snowing and snowing. still waiting to hear totals from the last storm but i'm not sure it even matters any more.

i thought the icicles looked like hasidic payot. they're bigger now, and meet the snow we just got.

friday, jef and i took the day off and went on our hot tub and indian food date and it was glorious. heaven is just through that door.

i did NOT want to leave.

big ass pile of food.

my piglet.

this is from last night after the snow started.

jef, looking horribly defeated after shoveling this morning.

we do have steps leading up to our front door (they're visible now). so. much. work.

getting to the chickens is always a priority.



our yard is a maze of tunnels.

can it be spring now?

pictures of snow. also, i hate everything.

shoveling during our last storm. ridiculous.

maggie is still adorable.

i brought Felix over to my house to play in the snow.

after our first blizzard - there is so much more snow now.

charlie supervises shoveling after the first blizzard.

blizzard snow total in our yard.

owl (??) wingprint in our yard.

getting out of the yard after the first blizzard.

a walk in the woods before the blizzard.

maggie likes the snow.

from two weeks ago when there wasn't any snow on the ground at all.

never alone.

"i could really use a piece of cheese"


watching me shovel yesterday afternoon.

yesterday i had to use this convenient footpath to get into a client's house.

lots of pictures of jef shoveling on my phone apparently.

the morning of the blizzard, maggie had to pee and i couldn't open any of the other doors!

carl's king day

one of carl's sisters, winthrop, foster worked the day of their neuter/spay so winthrop spent the night with us and i took them both to the clinic. cue hilarious chaos!

jef modeling the pups

afterward, king moose. he's the biggest in the litter - 19.6lbs at 10wks. the smallest is 11lbs and the next biggest is 16lbs.


this puppy. for sure not a pit bull. look at this video of catahoula pups. carl is totally that.

he's meeting a family on saturday - they're previous adopters. as long as the dogs get along, i can't imagine that they wouldn't want him. he is so very sweet! his neuter is on 1/8, so he can go any time after that.

kid knows how to relax.